6 Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

BY Jon Coty|June 1, 2021

Jon Coty

Throughout his successful career, Jon has worn many hats but has been consistent with his results. With DWELL44, Jon and the team are continuing to help homeowners and designers alike turn ideas into reality.

When it comes to outdoor furniture and especially modern outdoor furniture there are simply too many options. How do you know what to choose and how to put together a beautiful backyard sitting area? Well, one of the easiest ways is by taking the time to look at all of the different ideas that other people have come up with for inspiration.

Some people think that Pinterest can be overwhelming because of all of the photos that don’t have an explanation. But, here at DWELL44, we’ll take all the inspiration we can get. Each opportunity we have to learn from other people’s design tastes helps us become better designers. So let’s dive into these modern outdoor furniture ideas!

How to Design an Outdoor Space

Landscaping in your backyard or any other outdoor area around your home can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect outdoor space and there are quite a few different elements to consider before you decide how you’ll design the space. Here are a few pointers that we’re excited to share with you.

  • Create a space that suits your needs well. (hosting, guests, relaxation, kids, etc.)
  • Design a layout that is useful as well as simple enough that you don’t end up in over your head.
  • Take your surroundings into account. Are you on a body of water, in the woods, or next to cornfields? All of this will have an impact on how you might choose to design the outdoor living area.
  • Which parts of the space will have exposure to the sun?
  • Does the wind regularly blow from a specific direction? Try to optimize your space for both wind and sun exposure.
  • Decide on where you’ll place hard materials such as flooring or brick walls.
  • Pick flowers, shrubs, and plants that can complement the space without being too much work.
  • Furniture offers unlimited options and that’s what we love about it!

For more tips check out this blog from Garden Design.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Many homeowners will choose to DIY their outdoor space because it seems easier to accomplish than most inside DIY projects. But, you shouldn’t assume that just because it’s an outdoor project it won’t have some difficult portions. We encourage every homeowner to consider the possibility of hiring a professional. When you’re working with a professional design and exterior team you’re able to ensure that the space is both well taken care of and optimized.

How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

When it comes time to choose the outdoor furniture that you’ll be using outside your home there are a few general rules that will help to ensure that it looks great and compliments the rest of your home for years to come.

  • Coordinate with the colors used throughout your outdoor space. This includes flowers and stone/brickwork.
  • Keep it consistent with your home’s interior. It might not match completely but keeping to the same style is a huge advantage when it comes to maintaining overall esthetics in your home.
  • Usability is another factor to consider when you’re picking out furniture and outdoor fixtures. You’ll want all of the patio furniture to be comfortable and enjoyable for your guests and family.

6 Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Modern Comfort Patio

We’re calling this first one the modern comfort patio. It offers everything that you’d need to enjoy the cool summer evenings with your family and friends. A beautiful wood overhang offers an opportunity to hang lights and makes for a great atmosphere. The grill and fireplace are also both additions that make this space all the more appealing and desirable to enjoy. We especially love how comfortable all of the furniture looks.

Simple Outdoor Sofa

If you like to keep things simple, then there’s nothing wrong with this sofa. Its colors match the home well and the rug helps to make this outdoor space all the more inviting. What’s not to love about this little outdoor deck?

Modern Tropical Concept

If you live in a tropical environment or you love the look of weave and wicker furniture then you’ll probably love this concept. It’s a beautiful space with lots of greens and plenty of seating room.

Night Time Pergola

This relaxing view looks like the perfect place to spend warm evenings or even cool summer afternoons. While it’s dressed up more than you might leave it throughout the summer, that’s the best part about a pergola. It can fit a number of needs and be a beautiful part of your backyard.

Antique Chairs on a Modern Porch

An antique can actually give off a very modern aesthetic, especially when combined with a modern home. These chairs are cozy and easy to replicate if you like the way they look. 

Simple Deck with Modern Furniture

This deck outside a modern home has a very modern feel and gives off some great impressions. The wicker-style furniture with grey cushions is a beautiful addition to the simple and straightforward design included here.

At DWELL44 you can see outdoor and indoor furniture for your home. We carry premier furniture that can even be customized to fit your home. Check out our website today to learn more.

Jon Coty

Throughout his successful career, Jon has worn many hats but has been consistent with his results. With DWELL44, Jon and the team are continuing to help homeowners and designers alike turn ideas into reality.

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