Jon Coty

Throughout his successful career, Jon has worn many hats but has been consistent with his results. With DWELL44, Jon and the team are continuing to help homeowners and designers alike turn ideas into reality.

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration. Something that can often seem so easy is other times impossible to come by. We’re here to help and hopefully offer inspiration for your next stunning Minneapolis kitchen design, remodel, or build. 

A kitchen can be the center of your home, especially when built and designed in a way that attracts attention. You’ll have family members and friends gather around the counter as you prepare meals, and you’ll be able to host those big gatherings with ease. 

These examples of beautiful Minneapolis kitchens will help you decide what elements you want to include in your own kitchen and how you can make it both beautiful and functional..

Stunning Minneapolis Kitchen Designs

Each of the designs that we’ll show you today offers a unique take on classic kitchen design. Some fall into a more modern example and others more contemporary, but altogether, each kitchen is stunning and unique in its own ways.

Open Concept Contemporary

This kitchen is one of those incredibly unique ideas that is hard not to admire and love. While it might not be everyone’s favorite, there are elements throughout that everyone can appreciate, from the blue light fixtures to the warm contrast from the wood floor. This kitchen has lots going for it. Some of our favorite features include the natural wood floors, double oven, stainless steel appliances, and a wine fridge just off the end of the island.

Modern Warm and Unique

This stunning, warm, and bright kitchen features a custom all-natural quartz countertop from Cambria. The beautiful island quickly becomes the center of attention in this kitchen, but other elements such as the white wood-finished cabinets, natural wood floors, and custom ceiling work make this kitchen stand out beautifully.

Tropical Getaway

This kitchen breathes a sense of tranquility and the tropics into the home. We love how it naturally pulls in clean and bright features while still feeling very functional and welcoming. The blue-green backsplash and the lighter floors can give off a feeling of sand and the beach. We also love the white counters, stainless steel appliances, integrated wine storage, and perfect bar seating at the island. 

Minnesota Modern

There’s a thing we like to call Minnesota modern. It’s a sweet mix of warm tones, modern inspiration, and a hint of farmhouse. This design style is just the thing that fits what a lot of homeowners are looking for, and a lot of new home builds seek to embody. There’s nothing too crazy special about this kitchen, but it’s still magnificent and perfectly designed. The hidden refrigerator is a nice touch as well. 

Natural Modern Kitchen

If you’re looking to create a kitchen that’s a little more out there, this is a great example. While this picture doesn’t truly capture enough of the kitchen, you can get a pretty good idea of the modern design used throughout. The wood slab table and raw metal chandeliers are absolutely perfect alongside this kitchen island. 

Open concept kitchens like this might seem like they aren’t very efficient, but they are the perfect spaces when entertaining.

A-Framed Perfection

An a-frame-style kitchen—who wouldn’t love this? This kitchen design is excellent, especially when you think about how efficiently and effectively the space was used. A butcher block island, custom chandeliers, and beautiful navy blue cabinets offer an almost seamless transition throughout this design.

Retro Kitchen Design

Sometimes a classic look is exactly what you need. And this kitchen’s take on a classic retro look is impressive. The countertops here are especially impressive when accompanied by the warm solid wood tones from both the island and upper and lower cabinets. 

Features to Include in Your Custom Kitchen Design

When you’re designing your next custom kitchen, there are many features to consider. Some of the pictures above might have inspired you, but the products we’re covering next are what we encourage everyone to be aware of before starting their kitchen project. You wouldn’t want to miss some of these.

The Galley

Have you ever wondered if there was a solution for your sink that also incorporated counter space, food prep tools, and more? Well, there sure is! The Galley offers an entire line of functional and stylish kitchen sink workstations that can be used to prep food, serve food, cook food, and more. Check out their website or see them in action at the DWELL44 showroom.

Cambria Custom Countertops

cambria countertops

We offer a huge selection of Cambria countertops for you to see both installed in a kitchen and as samples. Cambria is a premier countertop dealer, and they don’t need a formal introduction. Their products stand out as the best in class, and their newest designs and concepts are innovative and original.

Zip Hydro Tap

Kitchen sinks are great, and with The Galley, you can do all sorts of things, but a Zip Hydro Tap takes water to the next level. These incredible products can pour you chilled, sparkling, or boiling water with just the turn of a knob. On-demand boiling water? Sign me up.

Crystal Cabinets

Last but far from least, your kitchen is going to need some high-end, affordable, and beautiful custom cabinets. Crystal Cabinet Works is the place to go for these cabinets, and we’re proud to carry them in our showroom. So, by all means, come by and check them out!

You can see these products and many more in action at our Minneapolis showroom. Make an appointment to visit our showroom today, and we’ll help walk you through some of the different brands we carry and design considerations for your kitchen.

Good luck with your next kitchen design. We can’t wait to see it!

Jon Coty

Throughout his successful career, Jon has worn many hats but has been consistent with his results. With DWELL44, Jon and the team are continuing to help homeowners and designers alike turn ideas into reality.

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