Featured Brand: Lincoln Windows

BY Jon Coty|June 29, 2021

Jon Coty

Throughout his successful career, Jon has worn many hats but has been consistent with his results. With DWELL44, Jon and the team are continuing to help homeowners and designers alike turn ideas into reality.

Our featured brand this month is Lincoln Windows. We’re excited to carry Lincoln Windows as a product and partner with a brand that produces such high-quality products.

Lincoln Windows is a premier window manufacturer, but they’re also a long-standing product made in the USA with over 70 years of producing windows and doors.

About Lincoln Windows

Lincoln Windows is located in Merrill, WI, and has been shipping windows nationwide for some time now. Focused mainly on residential and the occasional commercial project, Lincoln Windows has become one of the gold standards when it comes to performance and premium windows.

Are Lincoln Windows Right for Your Home?

Finding the right windows for your home can be a challenge. There are plenty of options out there, and it can often feel like you’re paying for a brand but not necessarily quality. When you choose Lincoln Windows, you’re getting everything you pay for and more. Both their window and door products are high-end premium products. Deciding whether they’re right for your home ultimately depends on what type of window you’re looking for.

All of the windows produced by Lincoln come in a variety of exterior and interior colors. There are also a number of different styles for each type of window you’re looking for and the ability to fully customize windows for any style or size that you need in your home.

Taking Care of Your Lincoln Windows

Maintaining and taking care of your Lincoln Windows is easy and mostly maintenance-free. Simple steps you can take to keep your windows clean will help extend their life and keep them looking great from now until forever. Properly cleaning the windows and screens from the inside and outside will keep them clean. All Lincoln products come with a comprehensive warranty that protects your windows if anything were to go wrong with them.

Some Lincoln windows may have an exterior grill on them for added aesthetic. This grill does have to be cleaned and from time to time as dust can build up. The best way to clean grills on your windows is with water and a soft cloth. Stay away from any harsh chemicals that can take the paint off the exterior of your home or window.

Window Design Ideas and Examples

When it comes time to actually select the windows or doors that you’ll be using throughout your home, you have a few options to choose from. Thankfully, visiting a showroom like DWELL44 gives you the chance to see some of those different options. Here are a few popular options that Lincoln regularly sells. 

Common in-swing door. These glass patio doors are what you would expect from a quality in-swing door. They’re stylish and feature high-quality components including the hinges, handles, and locks.

Out-swing patio doors are identical to in-swing doors but with an outward swing instead of inward. These doors can be customized to fit whatever need you have for them.

Segmented top swing patio doors like this one add an arch to your frame and make everything a bit more classy, especially if your home is built in a way that compliments this style.

Standard cased windows are what you might expect from a window company. They’re simple, straightforward, and look great in all different types of applications. The windows in the above picture turned out beautifully and give a great idea of what natural light in a second-floor bathroom can do to liven up a space.

A Modern Showroom to See Products in Action

DWELL44 is a modern showroom in Minneapolis where you can see modern products in person. We feature Lincoln Windows in our showroom and give you the opportunity to see what modern windows can do for your home. While you won’t be able to see all of the different efficiencies and benefits of choosing modern windows in the showroom, you will get to see what they’re made of and what types of features are offered.

Stop into our showroom today to see Lincoln Windows along with some of the other products that we offer. Whether you’re a builder, designer, or homeowner, we’d be happy to have you walk through our showroom. Make an appointment today!

Jon Coty

Throughout his successful career, Jon has worn many hats but has been consistent with his results. With DWELL44, Jon and the team are continuing to help homeowners and designers alike turn ideas into reality.

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