Jon Coty

Throughout his successful career, Jon has worn many hats but has been consistent with his results. With DWELL44, Jon and the team are continuing to help homeowners and designers alike turn ideas into reality.

Trying to match the furniture in your home?

Learning how to match furniture is no small feat! Especially when you’re working to ensure that everything looks great when you purchase something new or start installing it in your home.

As a premier showroom in the Minneapolis area, it’s our goal at DWELL44 to help everyone pick and match the perfect furniture for their home. Take the first steps towards picking your furniture with these helpful tips!

How To Match Furniture

Where to Get Started

When it comes to interior design, there are many different styles to choose from. In decades gone by, the traditional thing to do was to purchase a furniture suite of matching pieces. For example, buying a bed, two matching side tables, and a matching dresser – all in the same color and finish, all with the same look. While this is still commonly found in the big box furniture stores, it is becoming less and less common as people are learning to mix and match their furniture to fix their needs.

To start, the best match for your furniture will depend on details such as size, time period, wood finishes, and accent colors of everything in the room. Using this information, go through each of your rooms (i.e., bedroom, living room, dining room) to find different items and aspects you like and dislike. From here, you can start planning an overall style that can flow throughout your home. 

Pro-tip: when you’re trying to keep track of lots of different ideas, create a Pinterest board, Google doc, or note on your phone. That way, you can keep screenshots and ideas all in one place. Or, try a good old-fashioned mood board with magazine clippings and fabric samples.

using a mood board to match furniture

Mixing and Matching: When To Change It Up

Knowing when to mix vs. match furniture can be tricky. There are lots of different styles and color combinations available, but sometimes you’ll be going for a style that vibes with what you already have. For example, you may want matching sets in your living room, but you’re okay with the mix and match concept in the den or bedroom.

It’s always going to be totally up to you whether you want to mix or match. Just keep trying different ideas until you find what’s right for you and your style.

Mixing and Matching Furniture Colors

While you’re shopping around for furniture, you’re bound to find a few different colors and inspiration pieces that you like. Thankfully you don’t have to stick to just one color. Instead, there are three main ways to match your furniture by the color that include mixing patterns and matching colors:

  • Stick with one color family: match all of the pieces in a room with the same color family. For more info on color families and how they work, read Picking a Color Scheme.
  • Mix different colors: match furniture of a few different colors, but keep them different enough to add some creativity to the room. Sometimes this is more dramatic than other times, but overall the idea here is mixing similar color families.
  • Match one color: match all pieces in a room with the same hue but still contrast the final color. This often looks like different shades of the same color.

While you’re looking for furniture, be sure to check out our post on modern furniture ideas.

how to match furniture color style

Matching Decor

Now that we’ve got your furniture matched up pretty well let’s take a stab at the decor. The biggest factor in picking decor is that you want it to somewhat match and mesh well with everything in the room. This should be done by color, size, shape, and style. You can get creative with different textures and time periods. Here are some rules that we like to adhere to:

Start with Your Favorite Accent Pieces

favorite decor pieces

The best way to start decorating your home is to start with some of your favorite pieces. These pieces might be decor or furniture pieces like a couch, chairs, coffee table, or physical decor items such as a lamp, painting, or statue. Use that type of piece as your starting focal point.

Find Ways to Repeat

repetition in decor

You’ll want your decor style to repeat itself in one way or another. Whether the repeated theme shows up through different pieces having some of the same colors, similar fabrics, or similar materials, try to develop your theme by using somewhat repetitive pieces.

Don’t Underestimate the Scale

Scale is one of the biggest underestimated elements within a design. Finding a balance within different rooms in your home is no easy task. There are several ways to add some scale to your rooms, but one of the simplest places to start is adding a few different sizes of decor throughout.

You might also try mixing and matching chairs, fabrics, and lamps to add some variation and scale.

Make it About Mood

mood in decor

The mood is another factor that you’ll want to consider when it comes to furniture. Mood always starts with the colors in a room. As you try to decide on what you’d like the mood in the room to be, play around with some different color options or ideas that you have for what colors you could use.

After wall color, your flooring and furniture will be the next biggest factors determining whether a room will be bright and cheery, warm and cozy, or a different mood altogether. We recommend finding a virtual design tool or visiting a showroom to get a good grip on what you want the mood in the room to be.

Try a Few Different Ideas

Finally, time for the finishing touches, the key to matching furniture is that you want it to be uniquely you all while fitting together. That might mean you coordinate all of the pieces in a room or just make sure they don’t clash. To find exactly what you like, be sure to always try a few different ideas and see what works best for you.

Finding the Best Furniture for Your Home

This list of ideas should get you started with your decor, furniture, and overall home design. But, if you need more help getting everything in order and matched up, stop by our showroom. We can help you order furniture and select different items that fit well within the design. Reach out to DWELL44 today to schedule an appointment.

Jon Coty

Throughout his successful career, Jon has worn many hats but has been consistent with his results. With DWELL44, Jon and the team are continuing to help homeowners and designers alike turn ideas into reality.

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