How To Match Furniture Styles in Your Home (Step By Step)

Trying to match the furniture in your home?

Learning how to match furniture is no small feat! Especially when you’re working to ensure that everything looks great when you purchase something new or start installing it in your home.

As a premier showroom in the Minneapolis area, it’s our goal at DWELL44 to help everyone pick and match the perfect furniture for their home. Take the first steps towards picking your furniture with these helpful tips!

How To Match Furniture

Where to Get Started

When it comes to interior design, there are many different styles to choose from. In decades gone by, the traditional thing to do was to purchase a furniture suite of matching pieces. For example, buying a bed, two matching side tables, and a matching dresser – all in the same color and finish, all with the same look. While this is still commonly found in the big box furniture stores, it is becoming less and less common as people are learning to mix and match their furniture to fix their needs.

To start, the best match for your furniture will depend on details such as size, time period, wood finishes, and accent colors of everything in the room. Using this information, go through each of your rooms (i.e., bedroom, living room, dining room) to find different items and aspects you like and dislike. From here, you can start planning an overall style that can flow throughout your home. 

Pro-tip: when you’re trying to keep track of lots of different ideas, create a Pinterest board, Google doc, or note on your phone. That way, you can keep screenshots and ideas all in one place. Or, try a good old-fashioned mood board with magazine clippings and fabric samples.

using a mood board to match furniture

Mixing and Matching: When To Change It Up

Knowing when to mix vs. match furniture can be tricky. There are lots of different styles and color combinations available, but sometimes you’ll be going for a style that vibes with what you already have. For example, you may want matching sets in your living room, but you’re okay with the mix and match concept in the den or bedroom.

It’s always going to be totally up to you whether you want to mix or match. Just keep trying different ideas until you find what’s right for you and your style.

Mixing and Matching Furniture Colors

While you’re shopping around for furniture, you’re bound to find a few different colors and inspiration pieces that you like. Thankfully you don’t have to stick to just one color. Instead, there are three main ways to match your furniture by the color that include mixing patterns and matching colors:

  • Stick with one color family: match all of the pieces in a room with the same color family. For more info on color families and how they work, read Picking a Color Scheme.
  • Mix different colors: match furniture of a few different colors, but keep them different enough to add some creativity to the room. Sometimes this is more dramatic than other times, but overall the idea here is mixing similar color families.
  • Match one color: match all pieces in a room with the same hue but still contrast the final color. This often looks like different shades of the same color.

While you’re looking for furniture, be sure to check out our post on modern furniture ideas.

how to match furniture color style

Matching Decor

Now that we’ve got your furniture matched up pretty well let’s take a stab at the decor. The biggest factor in picking decor is that you want it to somewhat match and mesh well with everything in the room. This should be done by color, size, shape, and style. You can get creative with different textures and time periods. Here are some rules that we like to adhere to:

Start with Your Favorite Accent Pieces

favorite decor pieces

The best way to start decorating your home is to start with some of your favorite pieces. These pieces might be decor or furniture pieces like a couch, chairs, coffee table, or physical decor items such as a lamp, painting, or statue. Use that type of piece as your starting focal point.

Find Ways to Repeat

repetition in decor

You’ll want your decor style to repeat itself in one way or another. Whether the repeated theme shows up through different pieces having some of the same colors, similar fabrics, or similar materials, try to develop your theme by using somewhat repetitive pieces.

Don’t Underestimate the Scale

Scale is one of the biggest underestimated elements within a design. Finding a balance within different rooms in your home is no easy task. There are several ways to add some scale to your rooms, but one of the simplest places to start is adding a few different sizes of decor throughout.

You might also try mixing and matching chairs, fabrics, and lamps to add some variation and scale.

Make it About Mood

mood in decor

The mood is another factor that you’ll want to consider when it comes to furniture. Mood always starts with the colors in a room. As you try to decide on what you’d like the mood in the room to be, play around with some different color options or ideas that you have for what colors you could use.

After wall color, your flooring and furniture will be the next biggest factors determining whether a room will be bright and cheery, warm and cozy, or a different mood altogether. We recommend finding a virtual design tool or visiting a showroom to get a good grip on what you want the mood in the room to be.

Try a Few Different Ideas

Finally, time for the finishing touches, the key to matching furniture is that you want it to be uniquely you all while fitting together. That might mean you coordinate all of the pieces in a room or just make sure they don’t clash. To find exactly what you like, be sure to always try a few different ideas and see what works best for you.

Finding the Best Furniture for Your Home

This list of ideas should get you started with your decor, furniture, and overall home design. But, if you need more help getting everything in order and matched up, stop by our showroom. We can help you order furniture and select different items that fit well within the design. Reach out to DWELL44 today to schedule an appointment.

Featured Brand: Cambria Countertops

Every month we feature one of the excellent brands offered through DWELL44. This month we’ll be featuring the one and only Cambria. 

Cambria is a long-standing family-owned business that’s headquartered right out of Minnesota. Cambria has grown their brand to international status with facilities in Ontario, Canada, in addition to its locations across the United States.

About Cambria Countertops

Cambria the brand was officially founded in the year 2000. The original business was headquartered and started in Lu Sueur, Minnesota. And, as a family-owned, operated, and American-made business Cambria is proud of the impact that they have on the communities around them.

Cambria supports a number of non-profits in an effort to improve the lives of the families that live in the communities they serve. The company also employs just under 2,000 employees. And that number doesn’t include their distributors and those that get to install the products that they sell.

More on Cambria Products

Cambria’s specialty is natural quartz countertops. Their products are mined from huge pieces of natural quartz and are always sustainably sourced. The commitment that Cambria has made to manufacturing innovative products means that you don’t have to settle for a standard countertop that everyone has. You’ll be able to customize and get a countertop that’s completely unique to you and your home.

One exciting new feature that was just recently released to their customers is a countertop finish that includes a matte finish. This finish is new, unique, and adds something different to your countertops that wouldn’t otherwise be present in a lot of different countertop designs that are out there today.

One of the advantages we have at DWELL44 is the ability to act as a Cambria showroom. We have a number of their designs and products installed throughout our showroom as well as samples of the different finishes, styles, and edges that they offer. While you can always clean inspiration from sources online, there’s something special about being able to see products in person.

Countertop Design Inspiration

cambria countertop inspo

There’s a lot you can do with your countertops but deciding on one specific option or plan for your kitchen, bar, or bathroom can be really difficult. From styles to edges and tile accents, we get it. It’s overwhelming. One of the best resources that you can use to find the right countertop for your space is a designer. Interior designers just seem to always know what the right combinations are.

But, another way that you can learn a lot and take big leaps towards the countertops of your dreams is through Cambria’s inspiration page. You can search based on categories, colors, applications, and more. It’s a great way to explore your options right on Cambria’s website.

How to Keep Your Cambria Countertops Clean

First off, Cambria offers an industry-leading transferable lifetime warranty on all of the products they sell. All you have to do is register your purchase so that they know you’ve gotten the natural stone countertops successfully installed. Then you’ll be set if any product defects ever were to arise.

When your Cambria quartz countertops are installed you’ll want to clean them from time to time. Keeping your quartz surfaces clean will help to ensure that they’re always looking the best that they can. And, keeping them clean is actually really easy!

Cambria offers a complete guide that specifically refers to the different products and chemicals that you shouldn’t expose your Cambria quartz to. All that’s needed to keep your Cambria surfaces looking good is simply warm water and a soft cloth. If you’re needing a little extra cleaning power use a gentle soap solution as well. That’s all it takes!

Examples of Cambria Countertops:

Make an appointment to visit our showroom and view some of the Cambria options that we offer! We’d love to have you out. You can also learn more about the other brands that we offer, here.

Featured Brand: Lincoln Windows

Our featured brand this month is Lincoln Windows. We’re excited to carry Lincoln Windows as a product and partner with a brand that produces such high-quality products.

Lincoln Windows is a premier window manufacturer, but they’re also a long-standing product made in the USA with over 70 years of producing windows and doors.

About Lincoln Windows

Lincoln Windows is located in Merrill, WI, and has been shipping windows nationwide for some time now. Focused mainly on residential and the occasional commercial project, Lincoln Windows has become one of the gold standards when it comes to performance and premium windows.

Are Lincoln Windows Right for Your Home?

Finding the right windows for your home can be a challenge. There are plenty of options out there, and it can often feel like you’re paying for a brand but not necessarily quality. When you choose Lincoln Windows, you’re getting everything you pay for and more. Both their window and door products are high-end premium products. Deciding whether they’re right for your home ultimately depends on what type of window you’re looking for.

All of the windows produced by Lincoln come in a variety of exterior and interior colors. There are also a number of different styles for each type of window you’re looking for and the ability to fully customize windows for any style or size that you need in your home.

Taking Care of Your Lincoln Windows

Maintaining and taking care of your Lincoln Windows is easy and mostly maintenance-free. Simple steps you can take to keep your windows clean will help extend their life and keep them looking great from now until forever. Properly cleaning the windows and screens from the inside and outside will keep them clean. All Lincoln products come with a comprehensive warranty that protects your windows if anything were to go wrong with them.

Some Lincoln windows may have an exterior grill on them for added aesthetic. This grill does have to be cleaned and from time to time as dust can build up. The best way to clean grills on your windows is with water and a soft cloth. Stay away from any harsh chemicals that can take the paint off the exterior of your home or window.

Window Design Ideas and Examples

When it comes time to actually select the windows or doors that you’ll be using throughout your home, you have a few options to choose from. Thankfully, visiting a showroom like DWELL44 gives you the chance to see some of those different options. Here are a few popular options that Lincoln regularly sells. 

Common in-swing door. These glass patio doors are what you would expect from a quality in-swing door. They’re stylish and feature high-quality components including the hinges, handles, and locks.

Out-swing patio doors are identical to in-swing doors but with an outward swing instead of inward. These doors can be customized to fit whatever need you have for them.

Segmented top swing patio doors like this one add an arch to your frame and make everything a bit more classy, especially if your home is built in a way that compliments this style.

Standard cased windows are what you might expect from a window company. They’re simple, straightforward, and look great in all different types of applications. The windows in the above picture turned out beautifully and give a great idea of what natural light in a second-floor bathroom can do to liven up a space.

A Modern Showroom to See Products in Action

DWELL44 is a modern showroom in Minneapolis where you can see modern products in person. We feature Lincoln Windows in our showroom and give you the opportunity to see what modern windows can do for your home. While you won’t be able to see all of the different efficiencies and benefits of choosing modern windows in the showroom, you will get to see what they’re made of and what types of features are offered.

Stop into our showroom today to see Lincoln Windows along with some of the other products that we offer. Whether you’re a builder, designer, or homeowner, we’d be happy to have you walk through our showroom. Make an appointment today!

6 Stunning Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Looking for stunning modern outdoor furniture ideas for your home?

When it comes to modern outdoor furniture ideas, there are simply too many options. How do you know what to choose and how to put together a beautiful backyard sitting area? Here at DWELL44, we’ll take all the inspiration we can get. Each opportunity we have to learn from other people’s design tastes, helps us become better designers. So let’s dive into these new furniture ideas!

modern outdoor furniture ideas

How to Design an Outdoor Space

Landscaping in your backyard or any other outdoor area around your home can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect outdoor space and there are quite a few different elements to consider before you decide how you’ll design the space. Here are a few pointers that we’re excited to share with you.

  • Create a space that suits your needs well. (hosting, guests, relaxation, kids, etc.)
  • Design a layout that is useful as well as simple enough that you don’t end up in over your head.
  • Take your surroundings into account. Are you on a body of water, in the woods, or next to cornfields? All of this will have an impact on how you might choose to design the outdoor living area.
  • Which parts of the space will have exposure to the sun?
  • Does the wind regularly blow from a specific direction? Try to optimize your space for both wind and sun exposure.
  • Decide on where you’ll place hard materials such as flooring or brick walls.
  • Pick flowers, shrubs, and plants that can complement the space without being too much work.
  • Furniture offers unlimited options and that’s what we love about it!

For more tips check out this blog from Garden Design.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Many homeowners will choose to DIY their outdoor space because it seems easier to accomplish than most inside DIY projects. But, you shouldn’t assume that just because it’s an outdoor project it won’t have some difficult portions. We encourage every homeowner to consider the possibility of hiring a professional. When you’re working with a professional design and exterior team you’re able to ensure that the space is both well taken care of and optimized.

How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

When it comes time to choose the outdoor furniture that you’ll be using outside your home there are a few general rules that will help to ensure that it looks great and compliments the rest of your home for years to come.

  • Coordinate with the colors used throughout your outdoor space. This includes flowers and stone/brickwork.
  • Keep it consistent with your home’s interior. It might not match completely but keeping to the same style is a huge advantage when it comes to maintaining overall esthetics in your home.
  • Usability is another factor to consider when you’re picking out furniture and outdoor fixtures. You’ll want all of the patio furniture to be comfortable and enjoyable for your guests and family.

6 Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Modern Comfort Patio

modern outdoor furniture ideas

We’re calling this first one the modern comfort patio. It offers everything that you’d need to enjoy the cool summer evenings with your family and friends. A beautiful wood overhang offers an opportunity to hang lights and makes for a great atmosphere. The rust-resistant grill and fireplace also make this space all the more appealing and desirable to enjoy. We especially love how well the outdoor dining tables go with lounge chairs. Try and find a matching outdoor dining set to go along with all your new furniture.

Simple Outdoor Sofa

outdoor sofa; modern outdoor furniture ideas

If you like to keep things simple and only have a small space to work with, weather-resistant outdoor sofas are a great option. Make sure the colors match the home well and add a rug to make this outdoor space all the more inviting. What’s not to love about this little outdoor patio space?

Modern Tropical Concept

modern tropical set; modern outdoor furniture ideas

If you live in a tropical environment or you love the look of weave and wicker furniture then you’ll love this concept for your outdoor spaces. It’s a beautiful modern design with lots of greens and plenty of seating room.

Night Time Pergola

night time pergola; modern outdoor furniture ideas

This relaxing view looks like the perfect place to spend warm evenings or even cool summer afternoons. While it’s dressed up more than you might leave it throughout the summer, that’s the best part about a pergola. It can fit a number of needs like outdoor dining furniture and be a beautiful part of your backyard.

Antique Chairs on a Modern Porch

quaint outdoor furniture set; modern outdoor furniture ideas

An antique can actually give off a very modern aesthetic, especially when combined with a modern home. These chairs are cozy and easy to replicate if you like the way they look. 

Simple Deck with Modern Furniture

patio deck; modern outdoor furniture ideas

This deck with outdoor furniture pieces has a very modern feel and gives off some great impressions. The wicker-style furniture with grey cushions is a beautiful addition to the simple and straightforward design included here.

The Best Place to Find Outdoor Furniture

Want to find the best outdoor furniture for your home? At DWELL44 you can see premium outdoor and indoor furniture in person, before you bring it into your home. We carry a wide variety of high-end furniture that can even be customized to fit your home. Check out our showroom in-person, or virtually today!

Featured Brand: Crystal Cabinet Works

At DWELL44, we’re proud to be partnered with the premier brands that are featured throughout our showroom.

Every month for the next year or more, we’re going to be featuring one of our partners on our website.

This month, we’re featuring Crystal Cabinets.

About Crystal Cabinets

Crystal Cabinets isn’t just another cabinet maker in the United States. They’re a premier company that’s located right here in the heart of Minnesota. That’s right, every Crystal cabinet is made in Princeton, Minnesota, and shipped from there to the homes that they fill.

From their website, “Since 1947, we have been a family-owned, custom cabinet manufacturer located in central Minnesota. We are recognized for the exceptional value we build into every cabinet. We sell our fine cabinetry through independent kitchen and bath dealers throughout the USA and Canada. Our business is about crafting amazing cabinets with amazing people, working together to ensure everything fits together perfectly.”

Why You Should Choose Crystal Cabinets

There’s a lot of reasons why you might choose one cabinet maker over another, but Crystal Cabinets is nothing short of a premium cabinet maker. All of the work they do stands the test of time and is held to high standards among homeowners and builders alike.

Another reason you should consider using Crystal Cabinets is because of the commitment that they’ve made to source all of the materials from their cabinets in a sustainable manner. They’re ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program) Certified, and they understand the importance of sourcing cabinets in green and environmentally friendly manners. As soon as construction companies fail to do so, they run the risk of seriously hurting our planet.

Additionally, some of the cabinets are built from recycled materials, making them even greener and more environmentally friendly.

Cabinet Care from Crystal Cabinet Works

Another great thing that they offer their customers is resources. On their website, you can find all different types of informative blog posts along with other information on cabinet care, cleaning, and how to design cabinets for your home.

Their idea gallery is the perfect place to get lots of ideas and perspectives on the different ways that you can use their products, as well as the different ways that you might consider designing a space for yourself. Be sure to click through some of the different pictures on your own, but in the meantime, we’re excited to show you a few of our favorites from the gallery below.

Crystal Cabinets in Use

When it comes to choosing the right cabinets for your home, the best thing that you can do is first decide what style you’d like to go for. In some cases, the style of your cabinets won’t affect the overall look and aesthetic of your home, but in most cases, it will have a big impact.

Some of the different styles that you can think through include a contemporary, modern, traditional, farmhouse, and more. Ideal your cabinets will blend well with the rest of your home and will be a great addition to the overall appearance of your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas.

Contemporary Kitchen with White Cabinets

This kitchen is bold and contemporary and offers sharp lines, tight angles, and lots of contrast. It’s one of those kitchens that you just have to take a step back from and admire before getting much closer. And the cabinets are just the same. Nothing short of stunning.

The Perfect Bookcase

We can very easily say that this beautiful antiqued bookcase is nothing short of spectacular. It could be used for a number of utilities in a home and provides a stunning piece to enjoy in your home. If you like the look of wood cabinets, then you’d love to expand this type of design throughout your entire kitchen.

Natural Cherry Wood Kitchen

If cherry wood is going to be used in a home, then it really should be used in a capacity such as this. This kitchen comes in stunning color with amazing contrast. It’s dressed up nicely, and the granite is beautiful. Crystal Cabinet Works hit it out of the park with the molding and finishing of these cabinets.

If you want to see more Crystal Cabinets in action, then be sure to visit their website or make an appointment to visit the DWELL44 showroom. We’d love to have you and to show you some of our favorite brands throughout our showroom. You can book your appointment here.

Modern Windows and Doors: Ultimate Guide for 2022

Looking for premium modern windows and doors for your home? 

Everyone wants stunning windows and doors for their home, but its often hard to know what to look for! What makes one window or door better than the other? Which type is best for the application you had in mind? Needless to say, there are several different styles and benefits to updating your windows and doors.

Today we’ll be focusing on two of our favorite window companies and taking you through some of the different styles that you should consider for your home.


What Defines Modern Windows and Doors?

When it comes to defining modern windows and doors, the characteristics are pretty simple. What makes them unique and modern is the architecture around them. Putting a modern window into an older, more eclectic home wouldn’t make the home modern. It would just be a window that was finished in such a way to give the impression of it being modern.

Some of the most modern-looking windows are more modern because of the places that they are installed and the impression that they give off when you see them. When it comes to doors, there is a slightly bigger difference as doors do come in a variety of colors and styles that impact the appearance of a home.

Modern doors are often black or more highly contrasted and feature hardware fashioned in more stunning and vibrant ways. We’ll give more examples below.

Benefits of Modern Windows and Doors

Modern windows and doors aren’t necessarily more beneficial than other windows and doors. But, one benefit of replacing your windows and doors is the added energy efficiency. Doors and windows are the #1 place that your home is likely lacking in energy efficiency. In order to ensure that your home is well insulated and that you’re not losing money throughout cooler and warmer months of the year, you’ll want to replace your windows with high-quality windows.

There’s nothing worse than feeling a cool draft right through your window on a cold winter day.

At DWELL44, we carry and partner with two different window providers. Lincoln Windows and H Windows – here’s a little more info on these companies and the benefits of each.

Lincoln Windows

Lincoln Windows understands that your windows and doors can make or break a space. They either make a home feel elegant and beautiful, or they hold your home back from its full potential. 

From their website, “Lincoln Wood Products, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality wood windows and patio doors for new construction, remodeling, and light commercial projects for well over half a century. Based in Merrill, Wisconsin, the privately-owned company engineers windows and patio doors for visual appeal as well as outstanding performance and backs it up with exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Lincoln windows and patio doors are marketed through a network of over 400 independent distributors throughout the U.S and Canada.”

When it comes to great windows and doors, Lincoln Windows doesn’t mess around.

H Window

H Window is another great window company located here in the midwest. They don’t mess around when it comes to modern and contemporary windows. There isn’t much that you can’t love about the windows produced by this company. 

H Window’s unique take on some of the finest European-designed custom windows is what sets them apart from the other window makers on the market. From their website, “H Windows are Built in America for architects, builders, and homeowners who demand the very best in quality, environmental, and energy-efficient design. We offer Innovative composite Aluminum / Wood construction (not a clad window) with a unique fully reversible operating system. More colors, fine woods, and glass choices than any other manufacturer.”

Modern Windows and Doors

To round out this post, we thought the best thing to do would be to include some photos of homes with stunning modern windows and doors. 

Black Frame Windows

This is a trend that’s increasingly becoming more common and popular among homeowners. Black frame windows are becoming a focal point in modern homes. Just look at the character and beauty that it adds to this modern cabin.

modern windows and doors

Wood Windows Natural Wood vs. Aluminum Clad

Many times homeowners select to keep a natural wood frame for aesthetics vs. aluminum cladding. Wood used for the exterior of the window was more common in older homes, but it is coming back into style. While this requires more maintenance, it creates a modern design. The home below shows off wood-finished windows in its design.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

As windows have become more and more efficient, homeowners are feeling the need to have them placed throughout their home and in many cases, there’s a desire to make the windows larger as well. The example below shows how beautiful a home can look with floor-to-ceiling windows. There’s lots of natural light and great views of the yard all around.

More Black Grid and Different Sizes

Different size windows are extremely common in modern home buildings. While a home being somewhat symmetrical is important, there’s a lot of homeowners looking to break the mold a bit and offer a few different sizes of windows in different places. Ultimately the purpose of windows is to help make the outside not feel so outside and also to bring in lots of natural light.

Another benefit to the black grid windows is that they can be used in a wide variety of styles. While it is commonly used in modern applications, black grid windows can look stunning in industrial, modern farmhouse, and many more! These style windows are available in a multitude of sizes with differing sizes of panels to fully complement the style of your home. 

Choosing the Best Modern Windows and Doors for Your Home

Choosing the quality windows and doors for your home can be a difficult decision. Considering the large investment and overall impact on your home, we always encourage homeowners to see the products in person. If you’re interested in seeing a variety of premium windows and doors reach out to us at Dwell44 to schedule a visit to our showroom! We’d be happy to walk you through the decision and ordering process!

Want to learn more about our modern windows and doors? Check out our modern window and door guide below!

Plan your visit to our conveniently located showroom.

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