8 Different Types of Wall Cladding For Your Home [Picture Examples]

Most homeowners just paint their interior walls and use standard siding on the exterior of their homes. But homeowners in the know use wall cladding to not only inject unique style into their home but create a watertight seal to fight against strong weather or moisture.

Wall cladding is different from siding in that it doesn’t adhere directly to the sheathing or exterior wall. Instead, it is laid over furring strips which create a separation between the sheathing and the materials. This space improves ventilation and creates a water-resistant barrier—both of which prolong the life of the cladding materials and the integrity of your home.

If you’re curious about installing wall cladding, you’ll need to know the different types for both interior and exterior cladding, plus their benefits. So today we’ll go into detail about what options you have for choosing wall cladding overpainting or more standard options.

Modern wooden wall cladding house detail

The Benefits of Wall Cladding

Wall cladding offers a number of benefits to the homeowner, but many choose it simply because they love its look. It gives you more design freedom than other options and provides an opportunity for your home to stand out from others on the block.

Benefits of wall cladding include:

  • Strong resistance to the elements
  • Modern and unique design that stands out
  • Big ROI
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Offers more freedom and options for design
  • Easier to maintain than paint
  • Better ventilation and water resistance

Many homeowners prefer wood over vinyl siding which has dominated the market in recent years. Vinyl siding is cheaper and easier to install, but it doesn’t have the natural beauty of wood. Wood cladding gives your home a warm, rustic feel that vinyl can’t replicate.

family spending time in the living room showing wall cladding benefits

Wall cladding also helps protect your home from weather damage. While paint will eventually peel and chip away in extreme weather conditions, wall cladding protects the integrity of your exterior walls. It will hold up well against hail, wind, and heavy rains which can damage or destroy a home without proper protection.

And while you may think that wall cladding is more expensive than painting, it actually adds value to your property because potential buyers see a house with great curb appeal as being more valuable and as one less thing they have to maintain.

Exterior vs. Interior Wall Cladding

Wall cladding can be used both inside and outside of your home. Here are the advantages of both options:

Benefits of Exterior Cladding

Exterior cladding is designed to be installed on the outside of your home and protect it from weather damage. It comes in a variety of materials, but wood is most popular because of its natural beauty and durability.

Exterior wall cladding can also include:

  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  •  Brick

Some modern designs even use glass cladding for an artistic, minimalist appeal.

If you’re looking for a way to add insulation to your home, exterior cladding is a great option. The added layer of protection will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving you energy costs over time.

The space between the furring strips and the installed cladding creates more airflow which can also be beneficial during swings in temperature. Your home’s interior walls aren’t directly in contact with the exterior materials like it is with siding.

Houses in suburb brick house wall cladding

Benefits of Interior Cladding

Interior cladding is designed to be installed on the inside of your home. It is most often used in living rooms, basements, or as an accent wall, but it can be installed in any room where you’re tired of painting and want a fresh new look.

Other benefits include the unique personality it can bring to each room in your home. For example, you can have an accent wall that is covered with wood or metal cladding if you want something different than the rest of your house.

Another option would be to use brick on one interior wall as an accent to your great room or front living area. Some people even use stone cladding to frame the focal point of their living room where a mounted TV or fireplace sits. The options are nearly endless—you just need to choose the right material.

Types of Wall Cladding Materials

Wall cladding can be made out of just about anything, but stone, brick, wood, and metal seem to be the main types homeowners choose for both their interior and exterior cladding. Here is each type of material in detail.

1. Brick

Brick cladding is popular for its beauty and durability, but it’s also one of the more expensive options. Brick can last a lifetime if you take good care of it (which isn’t hard to do). To maintain your brick wall cladding, use an all-purpose cleaner or water with vinegar or baking soda on soft scrub pads every few weeks.

  • Versatile texture and colors
  • Great insulator
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire resistant

Nice living room interior white brick wall

2. Stone

There are many different types of stone available for cladding, but granite, sandstone, and slate seem to be the most popular in homes today. Stone is another expensive option, but it’s also a very durable material that can last forever when properly maintained. Cleaning stone cladding is simple—just use some warm water mixed with a bit of white vinegar and softly wipe it down with a sponge. Dish soap also works great.

  • Durable
  • Hides flaws or stains
  • Won’t absorb moisture

stone wall cladding living room

3. Wood

Wood cladding is a very popular choice for both interior and exterior cladding. Wood is timeless and easy to maintain and can be crafted into many different forms or patterns. Take Duchateau, for example—their 3D wood wall panels options are stunning and can really level up any room they go into.

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Versatile designs or textures
  • Great insulator
  • Easy to refinish or paint

modern living room wood wall cladding

4. Vinyl

Vinyl is a great option for exterior cladding because it’s waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It also doesn’t require much maintenance, just an occasional wash with soap and water. Also, vinyl cladding is different from vinyl siding in functionality, installation, and design. Plus its lightweight makes it ideal for quick and easy installation.

  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Insulates
  • Many color options

modern vinyl wall cladding

5. Metal

Metal cladding doesn’t absorb water and can stand up to the harshest of conditions. It’s also an eco-friendly, green material option because it uses recycled content or is recyclable itself. Metal wall panels are a great choice for exterior cladding if you want both high durability and modern style in your home.

  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant
  • Versatile

modern living room with metal cladding

6. Steel

Steel is a great choice for your metal wall cladding. It’s very durable, but also has a high rust resistance as well. Steel is the most cost-effective metal cladding in terms of cost and has a life expectancy of 30+ years.

  • Weather-proof
  • Low water-absorption

steel wall cladding living room

7. Aluminum

Aluminum is the other common choice for metal cladding, for both interior and exterior. To maintain aluminum wall cladding, homeowners should gently wash it with just water. Using soap can aid in more corrosion, but if you’re worried about that, look for an aluminum cladding that is specifically designed to be resistant to rusting or peeling.

  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance

8. Composite Materials

Composite materials are basically materials made of rubber or other durable materials that look like real, more premium ones (like slate, for example), but at a fraction of the cost. Composite slate or wood wall cladding is cheaper, but gives the same effect style-wise, plus can be easier to maintain.

  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for any location

Why Choose Wall Cladding?

Now that we’ve covered all of the benefits and options for wall cladding, why would a homeowner choose it over painting or other finishes? To reiterate, wall cladding can be a great way to:

  • Add insulation to your home
  • Hide any flaws or stains on your walls
  • Reduce noise levels in your home
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Make your home more eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Be the talk of the neighborhood with unique designs

So, as you can see, there are many reasons to consider wall cladding for your home. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance option or something to “wow” your guests, there’s definitely an option for you.

At Dwell44, we emphasize quality and performance when it comes to installing any piece in one’s home. We love turning outdated homes into something fun and modern. With our premium brands and full-service interior design options, customers always find something they love.

If you’re interested in wall cladding to enhance your home, reach out to us today!

15 Ways to Save Money by Making Your Home More Energy-Efficient

If you’ve ever thought about making your home energy-efficient, you’ve probably been overwhelmed at both the cost and all of the different steps that you have to take to make sure you don’t miss anything in your home.

Instead, you might consider building a new energy-efficient home and optimized throughout. Today we’re breaking down some of the different ways that you can make your new or existing home more energy-efficient and the benefits of doing so.

Why Energy Efficiency Should Be Important to You

Sometimes it can seem like energy efficiency is just a ploy to help the planet and spend more money to improve your home or build it in a more eco-friendly way. However, energy efficiency is actually an essential part of saving money in the long run. Small decisions and investments in energy efficiency can pay for themselves over time.

A new build or remodeling your current home to be energy-efficient means that you save on energy costs throughout the year, which can amount to big savings over time if done right. For example, switching out old appliances for more energy-efficient ones could result in saving $50-$100 in just one year.

How to Make Your New Build More Energy-Efficient

When you’re building a new home, you have a lot of choices in front of you, but one of the easy choices to make is investing more money up front to make your home more efficient for years to come.

While it might seem more expensive now, we think you’ll find it worth the cost when you’re able to save money, lower your utility bills, and keep them lower even as electricity and natural gas costs continue to rise over time.

Choose Smart Design From the Beginning

When you start designing your home or working with a designer, it’s essential that you choose a smart design right from the start. An energy-efficient home starts with the layout and design.

It can be very helpful to work directly with a professional energy efficiency specialist who is knowledgeable about how smart design will help save you more throughout the years. Finding a builder that specializes in smart buildings and eco-friendly homes is also important.

Foreman or achitect engineer shows future energy-efficient home design plans to a young couple.

Use the Sun to Your Advantage

When it comes to the positioning of your home when it’s built, the sun is very important to take into account.

South-facing windows are great for passive solar heating in the winter, while the proper placement of trees and other foliage can help you take advantage of shade in the summertime. The sun can be both a huge benefit to your home’s energy bills or not affect it very much, depending primarily on how you plan in advance.

Large and open living room in an energy-efficient home den sun room with windows on two sides and lots of natural light flowing in.

Blower Door Test and Seal the Building Envelope

A blower door test is a standard test that sustainable and eco-friendly builders use to help find any leaks in the building envelope.

Once these leaks are found, they can be easily sealed with caulk or spray foam insulation. This is a very important step to make your home energy-efficient and will help keep the conditioned air inside where it belongs and save you money on cooling and heating costs over time.

Insulate the Building Envelope

Insulating your home’s exterior is another important step that you can take to make your home more efficient.

It’s about insulating the walls and the roof, windows, and doors. The best way to do this is by using spray foam insulation on all surfaces. Sprayfoam isn’t always a builder’s first choice, but it is often the best for making sure that your home stays well insulated over time.

Choose High-Efficiency Windows and Doors

While energy-efficient windows and doors might cost a little more upfront, they’ll save you a lot of money on energy bills. Choosing the best energy-efficient windows is an important step in making your home as energy-efficient as possible from start to finish.

The best part about buying high-end windows is that they don’t just provide better insulation for your home. They also look great and last a lot longer than some of the other cheaper windows on the market.

Choose an Efficient Air Supply System

Because your new home will be air sealed and totally closed off, it’s critical that you install a good air supply system. A higher-quality air supply system will often be more efficient in its use of electricity and provide you with cleaner and better air circulating throughout your home.

Two air compressors of an air supply system on house

Think Smart Lights

One of the best and easiest ways to make your home more energy-efficient is by installing smart lights with LED bulbs.

Smart lights can be controlled with a smartphone or voice commands, and they’re much more energy-efficient than traditional lightbulbs. You can save money on your electric bill by using smart lights in every room of your house and programming them when to turn off and when to turn on.

woman installing led bulbs in her energy-efficient home

HVAC That Saves Money

Even if you have a smart house with energy-efficient windows, doors, and other appliances that help keep your energy bills low, it’s still important to choose an energy-efficient HVAC system.

Air conditioners and heating systems can be two of the most taxing items to run throughout the year for both your electrical bill and gas bill.

Choose Appliances That Will Save Money

The last step in making your home energy-efficient is to choose appliances that will save you money over time.

There are a lot of great energy-efficient options on the market these days, making it important to do your research before buying any new appliances. When shopping for appliances, look for the Energy Star label and make sure that they meet energy-efficiency standards. As with anything, be sure to read the reviews and ask around as well. When it comes to appliances, you’ll often get what you pay for.

energy-efficient home appliances in white kitchen

Energy Efficiency Ideas for a Remodel

Shooting for energy efficiency in a remodel is a great way to help improve energy bills after the remodel. Some of these steps will directly relate to a specific area of your home, but others might be updates that you should consider doing on your home to help keep it up to date.

Upgrade or Replace Your Windows and Doors

One of the simplest energy-efficient ideas for a remodel is to make sure that you’re not losing energy through your windows and doors. If you’re remodeling just to help make your home more efficient, the best way to do that is by installing new windows and doors. This is especially true if your windows and doors are more than 20 years old.

You can also check the caulking around both windows and exterior doors, as well as any spots where pipes or wires might be going into or coming out of the home. Cracks in caulking or a lack of insulation will often cause air leaks in your home.

Two young men are working indoors, mounting a window section on an energy-efficient home hinges.

Plant Shade Trees Around the House

If you want to do some more landscaping outside of the house, try planting some shade trees around your home. As the trees grow, they’ll help to keep your home cooler in the summer by providing shade.

If possible, try to plant taller trees on the east and west sides of your home, as they’ll provide the most shade throughout the day. Shorter trees can be planted on the north and south sides of your house to help with the late-afternoon sun. When the leaves fall off in the fall, all of the sunlight will be let in to help heat your home.

Replace Your HVAC System

We mentioned this in the new build section, but we had to say it again. Replacing your HVAC system is one of the best ways to make your home energy-efficient. A newer, energy-efficient HVAC unit will provide you with better heating and cooling at a lower cost to you.

Some HVAC companies and units can even tell you how much a new unit will save you year over year.


Improve Your Hot Water System

Updating your hot water heater is an important part of a remodel project. Especially when you’re adding a bathroom or planning on using more hot water in the future, consider a few of these ways that you can optimize the system.

  • Insulate your hot water reservoir
  • Insulate hot water pipes
  • Install an on-demand hot water pump
  • Purchase a new hot water heater

There’s a lot you can do to make the hot water system better, but in the end, it’s most important to make sure that your hot water heater is up to date and safe for your home.

Plumber repairing a hot-water heater

Choose LED Light Bulbs

If you have old lighting and light fixtures in your home, you can install LED Light Bulbs to help with your home’s electricity bills. You’d be amazed at how much money can be saved by changing light bulbs from incandescent to LED.

As an added bonus, LED lightbulbs will last for decades at a time.

Unplug Unused Appliances

This one is a bit of an easy win, but it’s still important. If you’re not using an appliance, unplug it from the wall. There’s no use in keeping empty refrigerators or freezers plugged in. Even simple things like your tv that isn’t being used can save several dollars a year.

We hope this list of tips has helped you take some steps towards a more energy-efficient home. Whether you’re building or remodeling, we’d love to have you out to the DWELL44 showroom. It’s full of concepts and ideas for different rooms throughout your home.

Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

15 Of The Best Kitchen Appliance Brands For Durability & Style (Ranked)

Ever wanted an espresso machine built into your kitchen cabinets? How bout a hydro-tap that offers instant boiling water? We’re covering all that and more in today’s blog post. At DWELL44, we carry and display some pretty cool kitchen appliance brands. Read on for off the wall cool stuff and some classics that should get more attention.

Before we get too deep, here are some of the very best kitchen appliance brands:

  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch
  • Samsung
  • KitchenAid
  • Wolf
  • Zip
  • Signature Kitchen Suites
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Perlick
  • Natufia
  • Miele
  • General Electric
  • Smeg
  • Electrolux
  • LG

What to Look for in Kitchen Appliance Brands

Before we dive way too far in, there are some specific things you’ll want to keep in mind as you’re searching for kitchen appliances and shopping-specific brands for your home. Here are the most important things to look for in kitchen appliances:

  • Reliability ratings
  • Customer reviews
  • Insurance quotes (if applicable)
  • Replacement parts and services available
  • Warranties and guarantees

Your appliances should last for years and years despite running or being used. There’s no reason that you should have to regularly have your appliances serviced or replaced. But, finding long-lasting, high-quality appliances isn’t always easy. The rest of this guide will break down each of the important factors above for all of the brands we’ve mentioned.

kitchen appliance brands


First on our list is a brand that’s longstanding and that’s been in most homes throughout the entire United States. Most people know Whirlpool for its dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers. See the water theme? That might have something to do with why they have the word pool in their name.

All that aside, Whirlpool is known for being a longstanding brand and continues to manufacture great products and innovation.


Another well-known and longstanding name, many would consider Bosch to be one of the higher-end appliance makers in the middle to high price range. Common appliances that Bosch offers include dishwashers, laundry machines, and other similar large appliances.

One such product that many homeowners revere is their dishwashers. They’ve developed several dishwasher models, and many of their customers consider them to be the very best on the market for dishwashers. Look to Bosch for long-lasting, highly-rated appliances.


A manufacturer of many different products, Samsung builds TVs, speakers, headphones, and why not kitchen appliances as well? As a giant in the manufacturing industry, it’s easy enough for Samsung to move from one product to another. This is likely why they’ve seen such great success over the years.

If you’re interested in buying kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, or refrigerators from them, just be sure to do your research on the specific product. Because they manufacture so many different items, the quality can vary greatly between each item.


KitchenAid is a much more specialized brand. But, when you’re looking for a list of the very best kitchen appliances, not putting them on it would be a real shame. But, what you might not know is that KitchenAid doesn’t just make great mixers. They also offer all major appliances that you can think of.

While they aren’t as well known for stovetops, ranges, dishwashers, and other large appliances, the customers that chose these appliances for their home have had great success with them being durable and long-lasting.


Some might consider Wolf to be the best of the best. We’re proud to offer Wolf appliances here at DWELL44. As one of the best brands on the market, Wolf appliances are sold at a much higher price point. The thing is that they’re well worth it because of their long lifespan and premium quality.

One such example is their convection ovens which offer precise heating and great cooking performance with high-grade results.

Zip Water

This is a fun one, and we mention it because it’s a unique option that isn’t seen all that often. Zip combines modern technology with the age-old necessity, water. The Zip Hydro Tap is an easy-to-use and install hot, cold, chilled, and sparkling water station that you can have in your kitchen.

Who wouldn’t love and use an on-demand boiling water system? Prep time, cook time, and time in the kitchen have never been faster or easier. You can see this awesome Zip product in action at our showroom.

Signature Kitchen Suites

Another notable name is signature kitchen suites. This company produces best-in-class kitchen appliances that can fit any kitchen. When you choose Signature Kitchen Suites, you’re getting a luxury cooking and kitchen brand that combines simplicity and elegance to make something truly beautiful.

One of the really fun and unique things offered by Signature Kitchen Suites is integrating technology in all of the products they offer. Touchscreen appliances aren’t a bad idea after all.

Fisher & Paykel

For a sleek and contemporary approach to traditional kitchen appliances, Fisher & Paykel is the way to go. This New Zealand-based company has been in the business of appliances for quite some time. And, they’ve created best-selling kitchen appliances that aren’t quite like anything else on the market.

When you see their appliances in action, it’s easy to tell that they’re designed for a modern, contemporary kitchen that’s cutting edge and stunning.


When you want the best at your bar, you choose Perlick because wherever someone raises a glass, Perlick is raising the bar. Premium bar tools aren’t necessary for every home, but if you want to have a tap in your home, why not get the very best?

Some of their best products are coolers, refrigerators, and other similar items perfect for a basement bar or outdoor bar. You can learn more about Perlick at our showroom.


We’ll bet that you haven’t ever considered the need for a kitchen appliance that gives you easy access to a garden. That’s right, Natufia is the first-ever automated kitchen garden. With this product, you’ll be able to grow herbs and vegetables all year round.

While this might not be a “normal appliance” in most kitchens, we think it should have a place in a lot of kitchens. Why not have healthy living and fresh greens right in your garden.


Miele does something special that few other kitchen appliances manufacturers. An espresso machine that mounts into your cabinetry space. These machines are amazing, and they work wonderfully. It’ll be like having a Starbucks right in your home.

Along with their espresso machines, you can purchase dishwashers, ovens, and some really well-designed microwave ovens. Miele is another great brand that you can find in our showroom.

General Electric

General Electric is one of the oldest companies in the United States. They’ve been manufacturing kitchen appliances since before it was cool, and they’re still doing it today. That means you’re getting an appliance from a company that has a legendary reputation for excellence.

One big advantage of buying General Electric is that it’s easy to get them serviced if you have any problems. With more specialty brands, you might get a more durable and potentially longer-lasting appliance, but servicing it can be harder.


Smeg builds all of the major appliances that you’d think of, but they are also known for some of their smaller appliances as well. Their list of small appliances includes toasters, blenders, mixers, and much more.

When you purchase from this brand, you’re getting a brand that prides itself in retro-styled appliances for modern kitchens. Whether you want simple or just reliable kitchen appliances, Smeg might have just the thing you’re looking for.


A Swedish appliance manufacturer that’s made a name for themselves over the past decades. Electrolux is best known for its high-end appliances that are built to last. Appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers are the best.

If you’re looking for appliances that are built with quality in mind and a cult-like following for their brand. Electrolux is a great brand with a good reputation for all of its appliances.


LG is best known for its televisions and other home entertainment equipment. But, they also have a pretty good name when it comes to kitchen appliances. Stovetops, ovens, and other major appliances are all great tools offered by LG.

Their appliances are best known for their high-end look, that’s great for any modern home. Their refrigerators and ovens tend to be some of the best, and their microwaves also come with great features. They aren’t the best of the best appliances, but they are really good.

To see some of the best kitchen appliances that you can get for your home, stop by DWELL44. Our showroom features only the highest, quality and best appliances. Schedule an appointment today and you’ll be able to see our brands in action.

5 Modern Window Styles & Benefits To Consider (Pros & Cons)

When it comes to styling your home, there aren’t many things harder to choose than window styles. And that’s not for the reasons you might guess. The hard part about choosing the right modern window style is that almost all windows would and could look great in your home. But only one can be chosen.

There are several different styles and finishes that you can choose from, and each comes with unique benefits and disadvantages. We’ll lay them all out so that you can make an informed decision.

Window Styles

As you might already know, not every window is built the same, and if you start to look around and pay attention to the different windows, you’ll likely find that there are some styles you’re fond of and others you don’t fancy quite the same.

Casement Windows

casement windows

Casement windows are modern, and they swing in or out like a door. They provide great ventilation and can be operated with one hand. This design has been around for a while. Today, modern casements are well made, but they can be a bit pricey.

One of the benefits you’ll experience with these windows is the great ventilation they offer, but on the downside, they’re very expensive.

Double-Hung Windows 

double hung windows

If you can imagine a window that is divided into two parts, the top, and bottom panes have separate sashes that slide up or down. Double-hung windows will slide both the top and bottom pane up or down, and single-hung windows will slide just one of the two.

Double-hung and single-hung both offer very modern approaches to window design and style that you’re sure to love.

Sliding Windows

sliding windows

Sliding windows can be modern and are super affordable. They slide side-to-side and are often split directly in the center, with only one window pane that slides.

One benefit of a sliding window is that it can be quite large while still having the ability to open and close. On the negative side, sliding windows can be hard to clean from the inside.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling modern windows are the ultimate choice for great natural lighting. They provide you with an open feel, and they can really brighten up any room. These windows can, however, be very expensive because of their size and the challenge that they are to install.

The benefits and disadvantages of these windows speak for themselves. Bottom line, if you want huge windows with tons of natural light in your home, then we’d say go for it!

Window Grille Design 

modern window grille design

Window grilles or grids are the classic take-ups on modern windows. These types of windows fit well when you’re looking for a rustic or farmhouse modern twist. We love the way they turn out in many homes, and with the new technology today, the grilles themselves never need to be cleaned and won’t obstruct your ability to clean the window itself. These windows feature clean lines which make them perfect for complementing rustic or modern homes.

Window Materials

There aren’t too many different materials that you can build windows with, but each of them does come with added benefits and, of course, disadvantages.


Wood is the longest-held top spot for window materials and, in many cases, the most highly sought-after material for making windows. Wood offers a very elegant approach to windows and can still be modern. The big advantage to wood is that there are so many ways you can shape and stain the wood to give it different appearances. This makes it easy to blend into classic, contemporary, or modern-style homes.


Fiberglass modern windows are very popular in today’s homes as well. They’re tough, and they can endure the changes in weather patterns. On top of that, fiberglass can be painted just like wood giving it the flexibility to give a natural or modern look.


Vinyl is going to be the most affordable option of the three and still offers lots of great features. You won’t be able to get as many different color options from the factory, and these windows can’t be painted easily. But, what you do gain is the trust that the windows won’t mold or decay over time. Granted, vinyl windows can lack the strength found in wood or fiberglass windows, which can lead to a shorter lifetime.

Finding the Best Windows for Your Home

If you’re interested in learning more about the different modern and contemporary window brands we carry here at DWELL44, we’d be happy to have you stop by our showroom. There are a number of different styles and examples throughout our showroom that features some of the different benefits that you can find in these windows. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

11 Eye-Catching Window Styles in 2021 [Picture Examples]

Windows are an integral part of the exterior design of your home. Sometimes they shine a beautiful light on your home’s exterior, and other times they might be what’s holding your exterior design back from being everything it could be.

If you’re trying to catch the attention of your neighbors or passerby, you’re going to want some eye-catching window designs. Thankfully we can be your source for just that!

Best Window Styles of 2021

If you’re buying new modern or traditional windows, take the time to match them perfectly with your home’s exterior.

Single and Double Hung Windows

single hung windows

These window styles are the first window style on our list because they have been around forever and still look great today. They tend to suit any exterior design and have a windowpane that can be opened from the top or bottom. The difference between single hung and double hung is that single hung will only open from the bottom, and double-hung can open from both the top and the bottom.

Sliding Windows

sliding windows

These window styles are trendy today because they’re easy to open and close while still looking great on your home. They can allow for large panes of glass, and they’re usually seen in modern window designs. Sliding windows will separate the two panes vertically, whereas double-hung separates them horizontally.

Casement and Awning Windows

awning windows

These window styles are very similar, and they basically allow for windows to be opened by turning a crank. Both window types will open outward, but casements will open in, and awnings will open out. A window with casements is usually seen on older homes because it’s one of the window styles that allows window panes to be opened and closed with minimal effort. Casements were the most popular of window types for decades, and they still are in some places.

Picture Windows

picture windows

Picture window styles are HUGE! They can consist of up to five window panes and will be one large window pane. The great thing about picture window styles is that you can open one window pane at a time to allow for cross ventilation. This will make your home much cooler in the summertime. Not all picture windows open, so if you want huge windows without the cost, picture windows might be just right for you.

Architectural Windows

arched windows

The window styles in this category are all about the show. With architectural windows, you can get different shapes and sizes of window panes to make your window larger or taller to fit your exterior design. Not all architectural windows can be opened, but when they can, they use cranks similar to casement windows.. One windowpane will be a stationary window, and the other panes can open. These types of windows are great for showcasing your exterior design because no window will look exactly like any other window. These windows will often be much more expensive because they’re totally custom.

Acrylic Block Windows


No window type looks more retro-modern than acrylic block windows when it comes to window styles. They are great for contemporary designs because they have flat window panes and can be large window panes. The windowpane is very thick, so it will look like one large window from the outside, but it won’t open. Sometimes these blocks will be pretty clear, and other times they’ll be glazed over.

Bay and Bow Windows

bay windows

These window styles are pretty similar to picture windows, but they’re much smaller and oftentimes will not be able to open. They can still look great on your home and offer a great way to get a lot of natural light. When you want to show only one windowpane, window styles in this category are what you want. They also allow for cross ventilation and can be perfect for placing houseplants or other window accessories.

Garden Windows

garden windows

Garden window styles are a little smaller than picture window styles, but they’re still great for natural light. They can be unique and will often have window panes that are not square. Garden window styles allow for window panels to be opened, so they can also offer a great place to put plants or window accessories. They are still great for ventilation, and you might recognize them from many commercial buildings with outdoor seating because they offer a lot of natural light.

Sliding Patio Doors and Windows

sliding patio window styles

Sliding window styles are great for easy access to your outdoors and tons of natural light. Often these doors will be matched to the style or look of all the rest of your windows. Sliding door styles are perfect for patios and decks because you can easily get in and out.

Custom Windows

Custom window styles can come in any windowpane style you want. They will be able to open and close and can be made in a variety of styles. You will likely choose custom windows if you’re looking for something you can’t find anywhere else. Custom windows are expensive, so don’t plan on getting any good deals in this case. But what you will get is unique windows that look beautiful and stand out.

Corner Windows

Corner window styles are great for when you want to add a window in a room that has two perpendicular walls. They can be square or angular and will often have beautiful arched tops. You might recognize these window types from the classic colonial homes with wrap-around porches. Corner windows offer tons of natural light because they’re able to curve around the corner of your house.

They are beautiful, but they can be very expensive, so make sure that if you choose window styles in this category, it is important to you, or else you might regret it later on.

If you want to learn more about sliding glass doors or windows offered by our partners H Window or Lincoln Window, make an appointment to stop by our showroom. At DWELL44, we can help you choose the perfect windows for your home.

What is a Design Studio: A Homeowners Best Friend For Remodels & New Builds

Design studios have been popping up more and more, and it’s not just a coincidence. With the many more building projects going on throughout the country and an ever-increasing amount of products to choose from, homeowners have a lot of choices to make.

Design studios are there to help you make those choices, generate ideas, and make sure that you have access to only the best products that fit your style and needs.

Interior Design Studios Explained

Design studios are just what they sound like; a place where you can go with ideas in mind and design it. With the growing popularity of custom building, design studios provide homeowners with many more options than before for their homes. At DWELL44, you can come to our studio with your builder or interior designer and look through all of the fixtures, styles, and appliances you might want in your finished home. We partner with a wide variety of premium brands to ensure you have access to the best materials for your remodel.

If you need help deciding and styling your home, we have staff that knows a thing or two about the products we carry. From kitchen sinks to hardware and exterior finishes, we’ll put together the perfect home for you.

Products Offered Through Design Studios

design studio

Design studios offer a wide variety of materials, including hardware, flooring, and more. Our own studio offers kitchen cabinets through Crystal Cabinet Works. You can custom order cabinets to fit your home perfectly.

Other products include windows, doors, fireplaces, appliances, and so much more. We like to think that if you can dream of it being in your kitchen, then we probably have it in our showroom.

Benefits of Working with a Design Studio

We’re a big proponent of working with design studios, and it’s not just because we are a design studio. There are so many benefits to being able to see the products you’re purchasing. Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation or just wanting to add some extra style to your home, a showroom can help you see what’s possible to add.

One of the biggest advantages is that a showroom can work with what you already have and what you want in your new space. If it’s not working, then we can show you what might look better. And best yet, if you already have a design that you’re working with, you can simply utilize our space—no need to get any more opinions involved.

Cambria Showroom and Dealer

Cambria Dealer

Something specific to DWELL44 is that we’re a Cambria Countertops showroom and dealer. That means you can see the latest and greatest of all the countertop styles that Cambria is currently offering. You’ll be able to see firsthand what a countertop looks like under different cabinet styles, colors, and finishes.

Being able to see different finishes and styles in person can make all the difference when it comes to picking out exactly what you want your kitchen to look like when it’s finished.

Finding the Right Furniture for Your Home

Another product we carry and can offer custom-made for you is furniture. Whether you’re looking for a couch, chair, or another similar piece, we can help you match it perfectly to your interior design.

You’ll be able to see most of these different pieces throughout our showroom in a few different settings that we’ve designed to display the best features of the furniture.

Picking the Perfect Color Combinations

countertop selection at design studio

Lastly, you’ll be able to find some of the best modern and contemporary color combinations. You won’t have to worry about what colors will clash and what’s going to look best or trying to figure it out on your own without the help of in-person visuals.

Is a Design Studio Right for You?

From start to finish, our showroom can help you as a homeowner, builder, or interior designer. Sure, you can get through a building or remodeling project without using a showroom. But with the help of a showroom, you’ll be able to be more confident in your decisions and get the best out of each project.

Reach out to our team at DWELL44 today to learn more about our showroom and to make an appointment to stop in. We’d love to have you and help you find the perfect solutions for your home.

Plan your visit to our conveniently located showroom.

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